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 Hello friends welcome to our site.  Friends, sometimes an inspirational story helps us a lot to find out the strength, patience and power hidden within us.  Or rather, an inspiring story increases and awakens our strength.  There are also many inspiring short stories on positive attitude,

 Motivational Videos from which you can make your thoughts positive and brilliant.

inspiring short stories on positive attitude

 Friends, you must have read hundreds of Inspiring Stories on Positive Attitude till date. But the question is, how many of those stories have changed your life, mind and thoughts?

 Here it is our endeavor to share with you some of the best inspiring short Stories on Positive Attitude, which not only give you a powerful lesson, but also help you to know about some unknown truths of your life.

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Top 5 inspiring short stories on positive attitude

1. Meaningless Goals – Moral Story on Positive Attitude

inspiring short stories on positive attitude

 Every day after finishing his work, a farmer used to sit near a roadside tea vendor for tea.  His dog also used to come with him every day.  The farmer would drink tea and his dog would sit and wait for the vehicles to arrive.

 As soon as a vehicle passed by, that dog would follow it for some distance, barked, ran and came back after going some distance.  The same thing would happen again when the next vehicle arrived.  And when his next vehicle came, that dog would repeat all this again.

 One day the tea seller asked the farmer “Do you think your dog will ever be able to catch any vehicle?”

 To this the farmer replied “Whether it will be able to catch a vehicle or not – it is not a matter of concern. But even if it is caught, then what? What after that?”

 Moral of the Story

 Many of us are sitting like that dog with utterly pointless goals.  Well, we all have our own different definition of “nonsense”.  There are some things that are meaningless to me but not to you, and some are meaningless to you but not to me.  That’s why everyone has their own definition of meaningless.

 But always keep one thing in mind, that life has so much to give that we can never imagine.  And sometimes it becomes very difficult to choose the right option because life keeps options in front of us in such a way that we are unable to choose the right one.

 Sometimes you will feel that you will get everything according to your satisfaction.  But the result is hollow.

 That’s why friends, take a lesson from this story and before setting any goal, think 10 times that if and when you will achieve that goal, then what?  Would you really feel satisfied?  – If your answer is “yes” even after thinking 10 times, then do that work / select that option only.  Because he will give you happiness, satisfaction and prosperity – all three.

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2. There is a story in everyone’s life – 

inspiring short stories on positive attitude

inspiring short stories on positive attitude

 A 24-year-old young boy, looking out of the train window, shouted “Dad, look, the trees are going back”

 Dad smiled, but a young couple sitting together looked at this young 24-year-old boy with a look of compassion and pity.

 The young couple was just looking at it sympathetically when suddenly the boy said again “Dad, see the clouds are walking with us”

 The young couple who was seeing all this couldn’t help but said to this old man “Why don’t you take your son to a good doctor?”

 To this the old man smiled and said “I showed it to a good doctor and we are just coming from the hospital. My beta was blind since birth. He had an operation and just got his eyes today.”

 Moral of the Story

 Everyone’s life has a story.  That is why, never judge anyone without knowing.  Never form an opinion about anyone without knowing him or her story.

inspiring short stories on positive attitude

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3. Unnecessary Doubt – 
inspiring short stories on positive attitude

inspiring short stories on positive attitude

 A boy and a girl were playing together.  The boy had a collection of bright and beautiful marbles.  The girl had some sweets.

 The boy told the girl that he would give her all his marbles in exchange for her sweets.  On considering this, the girl agreed.

 The boy put the bright marbles of marble aside and gave the rest to the girl.  As agreed between the two, the girl gave all her sweets to the boy.

 That night the girl fell asleep, she slept peacefully.  But the boy could not sleep, he could not sleep. 

The boy kept thinking all night whether the girl must have also hidden some sweets from him?  Like he hid his best marble from the girl.  Will the girl have given him all the sweets or not?  In all this, he could not sleep all night.

 Moral of the Story

 Be it work, relationship, job, your business or anywhere – if you don’t give your hundred percent in something, you will always doubt whether the other person would have given his hundred percent.

 You will get what you sow.  That’s why always do your work honestly and never doubt unnecessary – by doing your work honestly you will feel that you will sleep very peacefully and there will be no burden on the mind.

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4. Last Attempt – 

inspiring short stories on positive attitude

inspiring short stories on positive attitude

Once upon a time.  A majestic king ruled in a kingdom.  One day a foreign visitor came to his court and he presented a beautiful stone to the king.


 The king was very pleased to see that stone.  He decided to build the statue of Lord Vishnu from that stone and install it in the temple of the state and handed over the task of building the statue to the General Secretary of the state.

 The Mahamantri went to the best sculptor of the village and gave him the stone and said, “The Maharaja wants to install the idol of Lord Vishnu in the temple.  Within seven days, prepare the idol of Lord Vishnu from this stone and bring it to the palace.  For this you will be given 50 gold coins.

 The sculptor became happy after listening to the 50 gold coins and after the departure of the General Secretary, took out his tools for the purpose of starting the construction work of the statue.  He took a hammer from his tools and started hitting it with a hammer to break the stone.

 But the stone remained the same.  The sculptor made several hammer blows on the stone.  But the stone did not break.

 After trying fifty times, the sculptor picked up the hammer for the purpose of making the last attempt, but before hitting the hammer, he pulled out thinking that when the stone did not break after hitting fifty times, what would it break now?

 He took the stone and went back to the General Secretary and returned it saying that it is impossible to break this stone.  Therefore it cannot make an idol of Lord Vishnu.

 The General Secretary had to fulfill the orders of the king in every situation.  So he entrusted the task of making the statue of Lord Vishnu to a simple sculptor of the village.  Taking the stone, the sculptor struck him with a hammer in front of the General Secretary and that stone broke in one go.

 After the stone was broken, the sculptor started making the statue.  Here the General Secretary started thinking that if the first sculptor had made one last effort, he would have been successful and would have been entitled to 50 gold coins.

Moral of the Story

 Friends, we also come across such situations in our life.  Many times, before doing any work or when any problem comes in front of us, our confidence is shaken even before solving it and we give up without trying.

 Many a times we stop trying further after getting failure in one or two attempts.  Whereas it may be that with some more effort, the work would have been completed or the problem would have been solved.

 If you want to achieve success in life, then even if you fail again and again, one should not stop trying until success is achieved.  Do you know, the effort which we pull before doing, that should be our last effort and we should get success in it.

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5. mirror of life – 

inspiring short stories on positive attitude

inspiring short stories on positive attitude

 One day when all the employees of the office reached the office, they found a slip pasted on the door. 

 It was written on it – “Yesterday that person died, who was hindering your progress in the company.  A meeting has been organized in the seminar hall to pay tribute to him.  

Everyone is expected to be present in the tribute meeting at exactly 11 o’clock.

 At first everyone was saddened to read the news of the death of one of his colleagues.  But after some time this curiosity started arising in all of them that after all, who was it, who was hindering the progress of them and the company?

 At 11 o’clock the employees started coming to the seminar hall.  Gradually, such a crowd gathered there that security guards had to be arranged to control it.  People kept on coming. 

 As the crowd of people was increasing, the movement in the seminar hall was also increasing.  The only thing running through everyone’s mind was this: “Who was it after all, bent on restraining my progress in the company?  Come on, in a way it’s good that he died.”

 As soon as the tribute meeting started, one by one all the curious and curious employees started approaching the shroud.  As soon as he got closer and looked inside the shroud, his face would be stunned.  As if they were in shock.

 A mirror was kept inside that shroud.  Whoever looks into it, he will see his own personality in him.  There was also a slip pasted on that mirror, on which was written something which was shaking everyone’s soul:

 “There is only one person who is hindering your progress and that is you yourself.  You are the person who can create revolution in your life.  

You are the person who can influence your happiness, your understanding and your success.  You are the only person who can help himself. 

 Your life doesn’t change when your boss changes;  Your life doesn’t change when your friends change;  Your life doesn’t change when your partner or partner changes;  Your life changes when “Yourself” changes. 

 When you cross the limits of your own beliefs, when you understand that you and only you are responsible for your life, then your life changes.  The most important relationship you have with someone is your own.

inspiring short stories on positive attitude

Friends, you can get a lot of progress in your life by reading inspirational stories, if you always think positive, then your work also becomes positive and gets made, then always be positive in life and through these positive stories you can bring positive thinking.

 So friends, how did you like the stories of our inspiring short stories on positive, do tell us in the comment box.

 If you have any such story in your mind then you can write in comment box.

 After reading inspiring short stories on positive attitude, do share it with your friends and relatives. Friends, stay happy with more such new stories till then,

thank you

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