English Moral Stories For Class 8 Students | Motivational story in english

English Moral Stories For Class 8 Students:-

English Moral Stories For Class 8 Students

1. Foxy Cunning – New Moral Stories For Class 8

 One day a fox suddenly fell into a well.  After falling into the well, she started shouting, “Save-save, someone save me.”  A goat passing by stopped to drink water from the well.

 Coming near the well, when he peeped and saw the fox inside the well, he asked, “Sister!  What are you doing here?”  The fox was cunning. He said in a very sweet voice, the water of this well is very sweet.

 I always drink this water.  I have come here today so that I can drink more water.  You also come inside and drink water to your fullest.  Hearing this, the goat jumped into the well.

 Climbing on his back the fox came out of the well.  Coming out, he laughed and said to the goat, “Before doing anything, know its result.”

Latest Hindi Moral Stories For Class 8

Education :

Working without thinking makes you regret later.

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2. Lazy donkey – Latest Hindi Moral Stories For Class 8

Lazy donkey - Latest Hindi Moral Stories For Class 8

A merchant had a donkey.  He used to carry goods from the market on a donkey.  One day the merchant carried huge sacks of salt on the donkey’s back. 
The donkey was suffocating with such a heavy load.
 Suddenly on the way, his foot slipped on the bank of the river and he fell into the river.  He was surprised when he got up somehow, because the weight on his back had suddenly become lighter.
  Actually, the salt was dissolved in the water.
 The next day again the merchant carried heavy sacks of salt on the donkey’s back.  When the donkey reached the river, he deliberately slipped and fell into the water.  The weight of his back eased again.
 The donkey’s owner had seen that today the donkey had slipped on purpose, so he thought of teaching the donkey a lesson.  The next day he carried sacks of cotton on the donkey’s back.
 When the donkey slipped on the river and went into the river, the cotton absorbed the water and became heavy.  The donkey was now feeling sorry for himself.
 New Hindi Moral Stories For Class 8 Students
Lesson from the story:

We should not steal our lives from hard work.

3. Two Friends and the Bear – Class 8 Moral Stories

Two friends were passing through a dense forest. once they saw a bear coming towards them, one in every of them soon climbed a high tree and hid. But the alternative friend couldn’t understand what to do and do.
He stood helpless. Then he remembered a lesson from his school that bears don’t hunt a dead man. He lay down straight on the underside type of a dead man, holding his breath.
The bear came to him and smelled it and went away. After an extended time his friend reduced from the tree and commenced asking him,
“Friend, what did the bear murmur in your ear?” He replied, “The bear said that the one who runs away in times of trouble isn’t a true friend.”

for sophistication 8 Moral Stories in English

Lesson: a true friend supports us in times of crisis.

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