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Importance Of Parents | Best Motivational story in English | Inspirational story

 Importance Of Parents- Best Motivational story in English

Real life inspirational stories of success

Short Motivational Stories in Hindi

Motivational story in English

There is a story of a man named Ashish, who was married and had two children, in whose family everything was going well, there was no shortage in his house, there was a big house, there was a car, there was a returning child.

 His mother and father were very calm, kind hearted person but one day everything changed Ashish’s mother died and only after a month Ashish fought with his father, he told his father that Papa ji

यह भी पढ़ें।

     Best Bewafa Shayari in hindi

Motivational story of a woman

 Because of you, the daughter-in-law, who is my wife, has a lot of trouble, she has to follow the cultural values   throughout the day, she has to work hard and she wants to be modern.

 But if it is not possible, then there is a request from you papa, you should shift to the garage below in your house.  This boy shifted his father to the garage below in his own house.

Motivational stories in English

 His father did not say anything, without saying anything, he quietly took his belongings and shifted to the garage, after 15 days this oncl ji comes upstairs, climbs the CD and plays the doorbell, Ashish comes out

True Motivational Stories in Hindi

 He gets shocked seeing his father, it seems that now there is going to be a fight but oncl ji does not fight but he has some vouchers in his hand, gives to Ashish and says that beta these are vouchers for 10 days foreign trip

 I have taken your wife for you, for your family, for your children, I have come for you, it is a surprise for you, go around and come anyway, after your mother’s departure, you remain depressed, I think

Inspirational short stories About life

 that you are worried about you, your mind will become lighter, children will like it, go around and come, oncl ji sends his children on foreign trip for 10 days and after that oncl ji does the real game

 The house in which Ashish was living sells that 6 crore house for 3 crores and takes a small house for himself and takes all the belongings of Ashish on a rent and gets them shifted.

Inspirational stories for students

 When Ashish comes back to his house after roaming for 10 days, there is a big lock on the door of his house and a guard is sitting outside, then Ashish speaks.

 Who put this lock, my father was called, then the guard said why are you getting upset, you have to talk to me, then Ashish says what will you talk about, if I talk, the call seems to be not a call.

 So the guard says sir, this number will not work, sir, I have to write another number.

 So when Ashish talks, he says, Papa, what is the way it is locked here?

यह भी पढ़ें।

     Best Bewafa Shayari in hindi

Short motivational stories with Moral

 Good son, you just wait 15 minutes, I am coming, after 15 minutes a car comes, oncl ji gets down from the car, onkal ji goes and says son, get the key, in this house, all your belongings have been shifted.

 Have paid one year’s rent, now keep your wife like you have to keep me, don’t bother me, then Ashish asks where will you stay father, then onkal ji says son, I have bought a small house for myself

 I am happy in that you stay like you.  This small story teaches a very good thing to always appreciate the parents in life, take this initiative parents stop appreciating you and anyway parents will never stop appreciating you, so don’t ever make them sad.

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