hard earned money | Best Motivational story | Inspiration story in English

hard earned money | Best Motivational story | Inspiration story in English

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It was a long time ago that King Padmadev Singh of a princely state was very humble, sacrificing, hardworking, just and true Prajapalak. The people of his kingdom were happy, prosperous and happy as they were hardworking. When the time came, the king became old and handed over the charge of the kingdom to his two young sons, Brahmadev and Shaktidev.


After some time he went to heaven. The elder son Brahmadev was very luxurious and lazy and did not believe in working hard. He also became dependent on the servants for food and drink.


His younger brother Shaktidev was opposite to him as he used to do all the work himself and did not take anyone’s help. The elder brother would call him by the names of laborer, servant, servitor etc. and advised him to lead a luxurious life on the strength of his immense wealth.


Motivational story for students


But he would say, ‘Today we have the kingdom, the opulence is Lakshmi, but if all these are not there, then what will we do.’ The elder brother did not pay any attention to these things of his.


After some time, chaos started spreading all around the state and the people stopped following the government orders. All the councilors were also fed up and they revolted by conspiring to get rid of both the princes and the commander took control of the state and expelled both the princes from there.


They wandered here and there hungry and thirsty. Then he remembered an old thing. An old Baba lived on the bank of the river across the border. He used to bring donations from his father for religious works and help the poor. Both the brothers were younger at that time.


His father had told him before he died that if he needed any kind of advice or help, then he should meet the same Baba. They are very kind, will not let you down. Remembering all these things, searching for Baba, he reached his abode on the bank of the river. He narrated the whole story to Baba and requested for his help.


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Baba patiently told them that they would get their kingdom back if they acted according to what they said. Both the brothers were pleased and promised to obey everything Baba said. Baba said, “First of all you have to work hard with confidence because hard work is the only capital which converts failure into success.


Luck also favors the hardworking. Therefore you should do one thing that by clearing this vacant land lying near the coast, prepare the field and grow crops. I have all kinds of seeds that I will give you to sow.”


Then Baba also arranged agricultural equipment for them from the nearby village. Both the brothers did the same and worked day and night to level the land and make it cultivable. Then he went to Baba asking for seeds and said, “What seeds do you have?”


Baba replied, “I have innumerable and special seeds of kingdoms and princely states, seeds of gold and silver and palaces, seeds of jagirs, seeds of cereals etc.”

Both of them thought what we would do with the seeds of ordinary cereals. Why not ask for state seeds? When he asked for the seeds of the kingdom, Baba said, “Think well because you have already lost a kingdom.”

He said, “We will now work hard to protect him with all our lives.” Baba gave them seeds and told them to stay in the fields day and night. He did the same. On time the crop was ripe and ready. But they were surprised and sad When he saw that the crop was of ordinary grain.


Motivational story with moral


Disappointed, he went to Baba and narrated his agony. Baba lovingly explained to them, “Look, the kingdom is created by hard work. Harvest the crop first. Keep the grain for yourself and sell the rest in the market.


In this way money will be accumulated, then by gathering all the resources, organize the army and attack the conspirators and establish your kingdom again. Rule like your father by making hard work an ideal. God will help you.”


He did the same and soon after regained his kingdom from the commander. Now both the brothers had become synonymous with hard work and on the basis of this, a powerful and prosperous state was established while guiding the people.

Therefore, hard work is the only way to achieve all kinds of success in life. It is also important for providing peace of mind and spiritual strength.

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