Best Moral Stories 2022 | Treasure Hunt – Moral Stories in English

Moral Stories 2022 – Treasure Hunt

Moral Stories in Hindi

In a village, a farmer named Ramlal lived with his wife and four boys. Ramlal used to work hard in the fields to feed his family. But all his four boys were lazy.


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Those who used to roam here and there in the village. One day Ramlal told his wife that right now I am working in the fields.


But what will happen to these boys after me? They never even worked hard. They never even went to the farm.


Ramlal’s wife said that gradually these will also start working. Time passed and Ramlal’s boys did not do any work. Once Ramlal fell very ill. He remained ill for many days.


He asked his wife to bring all the four boys. His wife called the four boys and brought them. Ramlal said that it seems that now I will not live for long.

Ramlal was worried about what would happen to his sons after he left.


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That’s why he said, sons, whatever I have earned in my life, that treasure is buried under my fields.

After me, you take out the treasure from it and distribute it among yourselves. Hearing this, the four boys became happy.


After some time Ramlal died. A few days after the death of Ramlal, his sons went to extract the treasure buried in the field.

He dug the whole field from morning till evening. But they did not see any treasure.


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The boys came home and told their mother that mother father had lied to us.

We did not find any treasure in that field. His mother told that your father has earned only this house and farm in life. But now that you have dug the field, sow the seed in it.


After this the boys sowed the seeds and went on giving water in it as per the mother’s request. After some time the crop was ripe and ready.


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By selling which the boys made a good profit. With which he reached his mother.


Mother said that your hard work is the real treasure, this is what your father wanted to explain to you.


Moral of the Story

Lesson: We should work hard by abandoning laziness. Hard work is the real wealth of man.

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