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Moral Stories in Hindi – Sneaky Stone


A long time ago, a craftsman went to the forest to find a stone to make an idol. There he found a very good stone. Seeing which he was very happy and said that it is very right to make this idol.


When he was coming, he found another stone, he took that stone also with him. Going home, he picked up the stone and started working on it with his tools.


When the tools hit the stone, that stone started saying that leave me, it is hurting me a lot. If you hit me, I will fall apart. You make an idol on some other stone.


The craftsman felt pity on hearing the stone. He left the stone and started making an idol with another stone. The stone didn’t say anything. In some time the craftsman made a very good idol of God from that stone.


The people of the village came to collect the idol after it was made. They thought that we would need another stone to crack the coconut. He also took the first stone kept there with him. Taking the idol, he decorated it in the temple and placed the same stone in front of it.


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Now whenever a person came to visit the temple, he used to worship the idol with flowers, bathe it with milk and break a coconut on that stone. When people used to break coconut on that stone, they would be very upset.

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He would feel pain and cry but no one was there to listen to him. That stone talked to the stone made of idol and said that you are having great fun, people worship you. He bathes you with milk and offers prasad of laddus.


But my luck is bad, people break coconuts on me. On this the stone made of idol said that when the craftsman was doing work on you, if you had not stopped him at that time, you would have been in my place today.


But you have chosen the easy path, that’s why you are suffering now. That stone had understood that the stone had become an idol.


He said that from now on I too will not complain. After this people would come and break coconut on it.


Due to the breaking of the coconut, coconut water would fall on it too and now people started offering the idol as offerings and placing it on that stone.

Moral of the Story

Lesson: We should never be afraid of difficult situations.

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