Best 5 Inspirational Stories | Best Inspirational Stories in English Inspirational and Motivational stories 2022

Best 5 Inspirational Stories | Best Inspirational Stories in English

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Motivational Story In English – Mercy of the Saints


Swami Dayanand Giri was a celibate saint. He often used to say that the person who loves the poor and the helpless, the Lord makes him worthy of His grace.


Swamiji was an embodiment of disinterest. He used to receive alms from a house once in twenty four hours. The remaining time was spent in spiritual practice and preaching virtue to the people.

Once, seeing him walking barefoot, a laborer presented him with cloth shoes. He happily accepted the shoes of that sincere devotee.


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After some years one of his devotees came with new shoes and prayed that he should take off the old shoes and put on the shoes brought by him.

Swamiji replied, ‘In these shoes I see a glimpse of the poor laborer’s love. I will keep wearing them till they are completely torn apart.’


Once his devotees were doing bhandara on Shivaratri. Swamiji was saying in the discourse that the same good deeds are successful, in which the blood and sweat of the poor are earned.


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Suddenly he saw some people at the door holding an old lady by her hand and taking her out. Swamiji said, ‘Bring Mai here with respect.


‘ The old lady came and said, ‘Your Majesty, get my two rupees in the Bhandara. These people are not taking ,

Swamiji called the devotee near and said, ‘Get these two rupees salt and put it in the bhandara. Bhandara will become God’s prasad with the salt of honest earnings of blood and sweat.


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Motivational Story In English – The drummer of knowledge



A wealthy acquaintance of Calcutta arrived to meet the spiritual figure Shri Hanumanprasad Poddar. He said, ‘When I go to a pilgrimage, I must donate.

‘ He also showed a newspaper in which his picture was printed while donating clothes to someone.


Poddarji said, ‘You have made your charity fruitless in a single day, whereas the virtue of charity is received for a long time. It is said in the scriptures that one who donates with the desire of praise or some kind of revenge, he can never get its virtuous fruit.’


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He paused for a few moments and said, ‘It is said in the Padma Purana that man gets wealth and wealth by the grace of God, so it should be used cautiously in the upkeep of one’s family.


A large part of it should be used in religious works like yagya etc. and in service to the needy people. Donation should be done assuming that God’s things are being offered to God.


If one donates in ego to reveal himself to be a great virtuous soul, he becomes a partaker of sin instead of virtue. ’ Poddarji says, ‘The person who helps with selfless service, the Lord keeps a graceful eye on him.


The man who performs service out of lust, must pretend. That is why it has been said that while donating to someone with one hand, the other hand should not even know about it.


Gupt donation is considered to be the best donation in the scriptures.


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Motivational Story In English – Glory of Harinam



Guru Tegh Bahadurji was a worshiper of devotion and power. He proved this by making sacrifices in Delhi in 1675 for the protection of religion that a religious leader and poet-literary can also beheaded to protect religion when the time comes.

For many years before making the sacrifice, Guru Tegh Bahadurji toured the country and preached virtue to innumerable people. In order to overcome the lack of drinking water in many towns and villages of Punjab, he made ponds, dug wells by doing labor donation.


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Once Guru Maharaja reached Sulsat via Bathinda from Talwandi. He had a beautiful horse. Four thieves started devising to steal that horse.

Guruji knew his destination. He said, ‘If the intention is on a horse, then why do you steal! Ask me and take it. Hearing his loving voice, the thieves were so self-loathed that the two immediately committed suicide as a form of repentance.


Guruji, while giving a discourse among the devotees at the next stage, said that suicide is not the means of atonement for sins. One can be free from all kinds of sins by chanting the name of God.


He said, ‘The condition is that one should take a firm resolve not to commit sin in future.

The heart of the one who renounces the spirit of greed, greed and violence automatically becomes pure. Millions of people have done their welfare by giving up bad qualities by his good teachings.


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Motivational Story In English – Respect to Guru


Pandit Radheshyam, who composed in the specific poetic style of Shri Ram Katha, used to yearn for the satsang of the saints and the narrators.


He had unrelenting reverence for Saint Oriya Baba, Shri Haribaba, Anandamayi Maa and Saint Prabhudatta Brahmachari.

With the inspiration of Prabhudutt Brahmachariji, he had made Mahamana Pandit Madanmohan Malviya his guru.


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Pandit Radheshyamji used to get emotional after listening to the Bhagwat story from the Shrimukh of Malaviyaji.

Malaviyaji also got unique satisfaction by listening to the singing of Ramayana written by Radheshyamji.


From time to time, he used to invite them from Bareilly to Kashi and organize their story.

Once, on the occasion of Guru Purnima, Pandit Radheshyam ji, along with Saint Prabhudutt Brahmachari, reached Kashi and presented a precious shawl and sweets to his Guru Malaviyaji.


Malaviyaji was urged to wear a shawl. He had specially prepared this shawl for Guru Dakshina. After some time suddenly the South Indian Sanskrit teacher of Hindu University came to see Malaviyaji.

Malaviyaji was greatly influenced by his detached and ascetic life. Pointing to the teacher, Radheshyam told the narrator, ‘He has made innumerable students study Devvani and Dharmashastras by doing hard practice. Such ascetic teachers are our role models.

While saying this, he put that shawl on him. Radheshyamji was stunned to see his detachment and reverence for the ideal teacher.


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Motivational Story In English – Importance of Moral Education


Acharya Vinoba Bhave was a master of many languages. He had studied the literature of different religions, differences of opinion.


Big educationists used to come to him to gain the benefit of knowledge. Vinobaji considered the rites to be the biggest heritage.

Once he was invited to a university in Maharashtra. Vinobaji reached there. During a conversation with the principal, he asked, ‘Which subject is there in the university for the study of?’


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They were told that different languages, mathematics, science and other subjects are taught. Vinobaji asked, ‘Is there a system to give moral education to the students?’


They were told that there was no such system. Vinobaji asked, ‘Is it enough to educate the students only to make them capable of earning money? Do you not consider it necessary to make them a true human, a true Indian?


If good values ​​are not given to the students, efforts are not made to make them good human beings, then what is the guarantee that the young generation will use their talent and power in the interest of the nation and society only?


Motivational story of a woman


In my view, first of all, children and young men and women should be given good values ​​to become ideal human beings.


A person without culture will become a ‘wealthy vampire’ and cause to take the society in the wrong direction. With the inspiration of Vinobaji, moral education was given to the students in the university.

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