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Best Motivational story in English for students


Hello friends welcome to our website. Today we are sharing here Motivational Story in English for Students.

These English Stories Motivational will awaken the zeal to do something new in your life. These Inspiring Stories will inspire you to do a lot in your life.


Friends, in today’s post, we have shared the inspirational stories for students here. This Motivation Kahaniya is small but behind these small stories a big Sikh is hidden. Which we must implement in our life. So let’s know that we will get to read Real Life Inspirational Stories in English that fills our life with inspiration.


The Fruit of Waiting – Inspirational Stories for students



“The fruit of patience is sweet.”


So friends, you must have heard this phrase. Let us know in this story today what happens. This story tells how the stars get jealous and how Sri Narada Muni explains to them the meaning of this idiom. This is a very beautiful and inspiring story.


When the sun is setting, light and light emanates from dusk and a dark like calm atmosphere envelops all around. All the animals, animals and birds start going to their place of residence and light breeze starts blowing.


When we look at the sky, the sun keeps on setting, only then the stars start twinkling in the sky.

Some stars are very bright but some are less bright. We can see very quickly on the brighter stars, but we rarely see the stars with less brightness. That’s why we don’t pay attention to them and their beauty fades.


But among them all there is such a star, which is more bright. Due to which the whole sky lit up. It is so beautiful and bright that it brings happiness on the faces of people as soon as it shines, we know it by the name of Swati Nakshatra. It is very bright and beautiful, due to which people are happy.


Motivational story for students | Short motivational stories with Moral


That is why the rest of the Nakshatras are jealous of Swati Nakshatra and tell the story of their jealousy to Shri Narad Muni.


Narada Muni, while explaining all those stars, says that look whoever does patience, his fame is in the world and it seems to me that you people do not have patience.


That’s why you guys start lighting up immediately as soon as you are in the evening. But Swati Nakshatra comes close in the sky after a long time, only then its competition is so high.


Then there would be a smile on everyone’s face. That is why it is said that we should be patient because its fruit is sweet.

If you were to twinkle in the sky late in the day, you would also be important and people would know you by a different name. All the stars understood the thing explained by Narada Muni.


We all know that the fruit of patience is sweet and we have also felt it. I always get impatient after completing my work or waiting for its result or I get impatient to complete my upcoming work, which spoils my upcoming work.


But I shouldn’t do that, I should be patient. Of that result or that work to come so that I can finish that work well and its result is also good.


motivational stories with Moral | inspirational stories


We know that a hit hit in a hurry always goes out of its way. We should send that target patiently only then we will get success in life. We should do any work patiently only then the doors of success open.

Patience is such a weapon, which can maintain the balance of man’s mind in difficult situations and can show him a new way to deal with the challenges ahead.


It has also been told by great Mahatmas and great men that if we also want success in any work, then we should do it without worry and should be patient, the result will definitely be successful.

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