Ghost in the Village – A Story of Courage Hindi motivational stories for students

Ghost in the Village – A Story of Courage Hindi motivational stories for students


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This is one of the best interesting and entertaining motivational story in hindi. Read it till the end.


A beautiful village is situated amidst the mountains of Aravalli, where people make their living by producing food through their hard work. Animal husbandry and agriculture are an integral part of their life.


They play cards for entertainment, make chicken wars, and women do small scale industries like making baskets, making ties, etc. There is a raw well outside the village, no one goes there in the dark of night because people had heard many stories about that well.


Some people say that many ghosts come to drink water at night near the well of that village.


Some people tell that one day a passerby had died after falling in that well and now his soul keeps on wandering, and if someone goes, he kills him. Do not know how many stories were made about that well.


But no one goes that way after evening, nor near that well. Its just matter of one day

People in the village were talking among themselves about that well, a blacksmith was also involved in it. Cutting everyone’s words, he said that there is no ghost and I do not believe in ghosts.


People started scolding him and convinced him to be a ghost. But the blacksmith started facing them firmly and started saying that there is no ghost, I will go to that well and prove it to everyone.

The blacksmith got ready to go to that well at night, he also took an ax in his hand. He walked towards the well, the night passed but the blacksmith never came.

His dead body was found in the well in the morning, since then the fear of ghost ran like a wave in the whole village. The children of the village would now reach their parents out of fear in the evening. Once upon a time, a soldier came to his home on leave.

He started telling his son that a friend lives outside the village, go there and bring a basket, in the morning we have to go for farming.


On this, the soldier’s son Amrit refused to go there out of fear.

When the soldier learned the reason for his fear, he understood that there is a fear of ghosts in the village, due to which the whole village does not come out in the dark of night.

To remove this fear from the mind of his son, the soldier was determined, because he was the son of the soldier, and there is no such thing as fear in front of the soldier.


Fauji took a torch and went out for a walk with his son, Amrit timidly walking behind his father holding hands.

The soldier took his son to the same well, where the stories of all the people used to tell. The soldier looked around with a torch and there was no one there, he said to Amrit, is there anyone here?


People are scared just like that, and children get scared too. But in the second moment, the sound of someone from the well rising and descending was heard, on this the soldier looked at the well with a torch and showed the nectar, look nothing, there are many birds in it which are alert because of our presence here. Huh.


Now gradually the fear of Amrit started breaking and he left his father’s hand. Amrit started roaming there fearlessly, after that day Amrit had become fearless.


He used to go near that well at night also. Gradually the fear of that ghost from his village also ended. People now had only stories of ghosts in front of them.

Moral of this hindi motivational story


There is a lot to learn from above hindi motivational story which we discuss below.
Self-confidence and high self-esteem is extremely necessary for success in life.
You will not be able to create your unique identity in front of the crowd of this world.
Courage is one of the best weapons to fight your fear.

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