Inspiring Story For Success | Sharks and Bait Fishes | Success story in English

Inspiring Story For Success | Sharks and Bait Fishes | Success story in English


Hello friends, you are warmly welcome to our website, in today’s post we will tell you the mantra of success in life and we are going to tell you a story related to Inspiring Story For Success, in today’s post is the story of sharks and fishes.


Inspiring Story For Success


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Inspiring stories of success after failure | Success story in English

During his research, a marine biologist put a shark in a large tank full of water. After some time he put some fodder fish in it.


Inspiring Story For Success

On seeing the bait fish, the shark immediately swam towards them and attacked them and ate them. The marine biologist put some more bait fish in the tank and they too immediately became the shark’s food



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Now the marine biologist put a strong transparent piece of glass in the middle of that tank. Now the tank was divided into two parts. There was a shark in one part. In the second part he put some bait fish.


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The shark could see the bait fishes through the separatory transparent glass. Seeing the bait fish, the shark swam again to attack them. But collided with the dividing piece of glass. He tried again. But because of the piece of glass, that bait could not reach the fishes.


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The shark tried to attack the bait fish with full aggression dozens of times. But she failed as a piece of glass came in the middle. For several days the shark tried to cross those glass dividers. But could not succeed. Finally, exhausted, she gave up the attack for one day and started living in her own part of the tank.


Inspiring Story For Success


A few days later, the marine biologist removed the glass separator from the tank. But the shark never attacked those bait fish because an imaginary separator had settled in her mind and she thought she couldn’t get past it.


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learn from the story


While facing failure in life, many times we break from inside and give up. We think that no matter how hard we try now, it is impossible to achieve success and after that we never try.


Whereas continuous effort is necessary to achieve success. Circumstances keep changing, so do not let the failure of the past dominate your mind and work hard again with full dedication. Success will kiss your feet.

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