This electric bike runs 420 km on a single charge, it gets charged in 40 minutes

This electric bike runs 420 km on a single charge, it gets charged in 40 minutes


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Italian electric bike maker Energica has unveiled the new adventure motorcycle Xperia in the international market. The specialty of this bike is that it can cover a distance of 420 km on a single charge. This means that this bike is the highest range electric bike ever.

A 22.5kWh battery pack has been used in the Energica Experia bike. It can charge up to 80% in just 40 minutes. By using a 24kW DC fast charger, the charging time can be significantly reduced. Apart from this, some other charging options are also available in the bike.


Powerful is its performance


The electric battery powers an electric motor, which generates 101 bhp power and 115 Nm torque. The company also says that by reducing the performance of this motor, the cruising range of the bike can be increased further. This output is slightly less than that of Energica’s Street Fighter and Roadster cousins.


The bike is equipped with many safety features


The motorcycle can be driven in four modes Eco, Rain, Urban and Sport. Apart from this, it also gets a 6-level traction control system, cruise control and a TFT display. It also comes with standard heated grips, but will be made optional in the mass market model, which goes on sale internationally. Apart from this, four-level regenerative braking also comes with High, Medium, Low and Off.


Will this bike be launched in India?

Energica has developed a new tubular frame for the Xperia keeping in mind the multiple objectives of the bike. Also, the battery, battery controller and motor were specially designed for the touring needs. It is not difficult to guess from the photos that the Xperia has been designed for a comfortable and straight ride. The bike is not likely to hit the Indian market anytime soon.

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