Short motivational story in English

Best Motivational Story In English| Short motivational story in English

Importance of Organization

Short motivational story in English


Hello friends, welcome to our website, today we are going to tell you a wonderful story, with the help of which you will understand the importance of the organization.


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Motivational story for students | Motivational Story


In this story you will understand how by being organized you can do any big work.

Swami Vivekananda reached a princely state while preaching religion. The vassal of that princely state used to harass the people by defying the rules of religion.

After the discourse was over, some people reached Swamiji to say the same sorrow. He told Swamiji, ‘We try to live a simple life according to religion, but the vassals of the jagirdar do not allow us to follow God’s devotion and family in peace. what should we do?’

Short motivational story for students | Motivational story in English


Short motivational story in English


Swamiji asked, ‘Does the Jagirdar quarrel with the neighbor ruler too?’ He was told that the neighbor Jagirdar was more powerful than him. He is afraid of her.

Swamiji said, ‘This is the law of nature. The hunter hunts only deer and other weak creatures. The fisherman traps only innocent fish in the net.

Some superstitious sacrifice only innocent goat in front of the deity. Have you ever seen anyone sacrificing a lion?’ After stopping for a moment, Swamiji said, ‘All of you, together with devotion to the Lord, must unite and accumulate energy.


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Being strong in the body will inculcate the courage to resist tyranny. When the servants come to threaten, all gather and fight against him.


With the inspiration of Swamiji, the villagers organized and opposed the Jagirdar. As soon as the voice of protest was raised, the jagirdar’s senses came to his place, he stopped tormenting them.


Short motivational story in English

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